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  • HUCU Member Benefits

    Now that you have applied for a membership with HUCU, here is a list of awesome benefits to take advantage of:

  • Prepaid Visa® Card

    Whether you are traveling and need a secure way to make purchases, or if you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone, the HUCU prepaid Visa® card is perfect!

    • Great gift
    • Purchase at one of our downtown offices
    • Replaced if lost or stolen
    • Zero liability on Fraudulent Purchases
    • Online and phone access for balance and transactions
    • Cost is only $5.00 per card 
    • Safe way to travel (Card Valid within US)
    • Can be purchased for $25.00 - $1,000.00
    • Monitor your Prepaid card Online


  • Automatic IBEW Local 481 Dues Payments

    Forget to pay your quarterly dues? Wish there was an easier way? Well there is with automatic dues payments from your account!

    Enroll at any time by filling out the form below! Once the form is received the next quarterly payment will automatically pull from the account type you request.

    IBEW Local 481 Automatic Dues Enrollment Form

  • Perfect Teller – 24/7 Online Banking (Online & App)

    Perfect Teller is the HUCU online banking access! Perfect Teller is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer!

    • Balance Information
    • Transaction History
    • Pending ATM/Debit Transactions show in account history for 48 hours from time of purchase if they did not clear immediately
    • Transfer money between accounts and other member accounts (if you would like to transfer between different account number, let us know so we can validate these for extra security!)
    • Downloadable transaction history
    • FREE Check Images
    • Access to our FREE HUCU Online Bill Pay
    • Enrollment for E-Sign, Electronic Statements


    Need access to flash player PT? Login to your account HERE

    To Apply for Perfect Teller access: ENROLL ONLINE HERE

    To Find the Mobile Perfect Teller app: CLICK HERE

    • CU ID for ptApp is: 6276762767

    If you have login problems, please contact us immediately for help!

  • Sybil – Automated Phone Teller 24/7

    Sybil is the HUCU Automated Phone Teller. She is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any phone line!

    • Balance information
    • Transaction History
    • Request Full month account history
    • Request Check withdrawals
    • Transfer money between your accounts

    Contact her today at (317) 692-7006

    If you have login problems, or if you need to activate access please Contact Us today.

  • Money Orders

    You can purchase a Money Order at our offices and Shared Branch locations! The features on our office money orders are:

    • Cost $2.00 per money order
    • Can purchase up to $1,000
    • You fill in the payee
  • Cashiers’ Checks

    You can purchase a Cashiers' Check at our offices and Shared Branch locations! The features on our office cashier's checks are:

    • Cost $5.00 per cashier's check
    • Can purchase for any amount, as long as you have the funds available
    • We fill in the payee, so be sure to have it when you come in
  • Notary

    On occasion some documents that you sign may require a notary verification. We offer this service for FREE to all our members. Please contact us so we can be available to notarize your documents. Additionally, be sure to bring proper identification with you.

    We look forward to helping you with your notary needs!

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