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  • HUCU: Summer Loan Special!

    HUCU: Summer Loan Special!

    Feel like you are RACING against high interest rates?

    Beat the rates with our Summer Loan Special

    Personal Loan rates at 4%, 5%, or 6%APR!

    Go on Vacation, Lower your Monthly Payments, Save Money on Interest, Do a Home/Car Repair... Have a need for cash? Let us help!

    Eaxct rate depends upon the term you finance and your individual credit score.

    Contact Us today to apply!


    Apply Today!! Click HERE for the application, don't forget to provide proof of income too!

    Have questions? Contact us!

    APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. Credit application and approval required. Contact HUCU for specifics and details.

  • Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection!

    Avoid overdraft fees with the Overdraft Line of Credit Loan.

    CLICK HERE for details and how to apply for this!


    Avoid the embarrassment of having a debit card purchase declined!

    CLICK HERE now to add overdraft coverage to your ATM/Debit Card.

    There is no charge to have the service available. Our standard NSF fee
    applies only when the overdraft coverage is used.

    Courtesy Pay Information
    With our Courtesy Pay Overdraft Program, you choose the coverage that fits your needs.

    Our Courtesy Overdraft Program is automatically available to provide overdraft coverage for checks,
    automatic bill payments, and other withdrawal transactions. However, without your consent to provide
    overdraft coverage for your ATM/Debit card, if you do not have enough money in your account at the
    time of your request it will be DECLINED.

    Our overdraft program does not guarantee we will cover your overdrafts, but if we do, you will be
    charged our standard fee of $30 for each overdraft. As long as you keep your account in good
    standing bycontinuing to make consistent deposits, bringing your account to a positive balance every
    30 days, remaining current on loans, etc., then we may pay your overdraft item up to $300.

    If you want the added protection of overdraft covergae for your ATM withdrawals and everyday debit
    card purchases contact us today and consent to the added protection by:



  • Love my CU Benefits!

    Click HERE to see what benefits you are eligible for, just for having a credit union account!

  • EMV Chip Cards are HERE!   

    Debit Card Holders: You should have already received a new EMV Chip Debit Card. 

    Cards have been reissued! You should have your new card. New cards should be activated and the old card shreded. Please note: The expiration date on the new card is updated, but the number has remained the same! If you have not activated your new card you may experience service problems.

    For 24/7 debit card support with cardholder services: 1-855-448-8199.

    Credit Card Holders: You should have already recedived a new EMV Chip Credit Card. All old cards were deactivated on 2/8/2016.

     For 24/7 credit card support with cardholder services: 1-855-519-9873.

    What is an EMV Chip Card??

       A credit or debit card with a microschip embedded in the card that is encrypted and provides stronger security and protection against fraud. EMV is an acronym for its developers: Europay, MasterCard, and Visa

    Why switch to the EMV Chip Card??
      HUCU accounts are monitored for fraud 24/7. The chip enhances this process by more securely encrypting data that cannot be known to someone who steals your card or card number. Due to various enhancements, chip card are virtually impossible to be counterfeited as opposed to the current magnetic stripe cards used today.

    How do I use my new EMV Chip Card??
      Many merchants in the U.S. are still updating their payment terminals to process EMV; however, if a merchant is not EMV chip card ready, your transaction will be processed using the magnetic strip like it is today. if the merchant accepts EMV you will:
      1. Insert the Card... Chip First and Face Up
      2. Leave the Card in the terminal during the entire transaction
      3. Sign the receipt or enter a PIN
      4. Remove your card

    How does thie affect me??
       You will receive a new HUCU Debit Card and a new HUCU Credit Card. Exact card issue dates will be released as information becomes available; however, keep an eye out over the next 6 months for your new card(s).

    Have more questions?  Contact us today!


  • Technical Assistance

    Having issues with your account? Here is some information that might help:

    ** Perfect Teller **
    > Error Message "Credit Union Link Not Available": The credit union is not currently available. Technical issues are occurring, and are in process of being resolved soon. Monitor the credit union website for details and information.

    > Error Message "Invalid Account or Password, 105": You are entering an invalid account number or password. You are allowed 3 incorrect password attempts before the account is locked out. To reset your password or verify your account number please contact us.

    > Error Message "Status Code 112": Your account is locked out of home banking access. This is typically from invalid password attempts. Contact us to have your account unlocked or password reset

    > PIN required at each login: Enabling your cookies should resolve this issue. Also, if you do not login from a static IP the system could recognize your login as unique each time.

    ** Sybil **
    > Constant Ringing: Sybil is disconnected or has been rebooted. Please notify the credit union so we can ensure she is functioning properly.

    > Unable to access your account: This can be caused from account number or password input errors. Contact the credit union so we may verify your information or reset your password.

    ** Debit Card **
    > Our cards are monitored 24/7 for fraud activity. If a transaction is deemed as unusual you will get called from our fraud department. They will verify transactions. They will NEVER ask you to tell them your card number.

    >If you are having issues with your card being "swiped" correctly when making a transaction your card may need to be replaced. If you believe you are having issues and need a replacement contact us and we can take care of you.

    > Daily transaction thresholds are in place for security purposes. If you believe you are going to make a large purchase please notify the credit union so we can ensure you have no difficulties.

    > Due to fraud, transactions that originate outside of the state of Indiana (or those that immediately touch Indiana) may be blocked. We can authorize these transactions, so please let us know if you are traveling or having issues using your card.

    > When there are technical issues at our main office there are smaller thresholds for cash withdrawals ($50) and transactions ($200). Additionally, when you attempt to verify your balance at an ATM machine the balance will reflect as $0 since the card cannot correctly communicate with the credit union at the time.

    ** Service Center Access **
    > When you perform a service center or shared branch transaction please be sure you tell them you are with Hoosier United Credit Union. You will also need your correct account number. You will not provide your account number with the additional "check digit".

    > If a service center cannot access your account there can be several things going on. First, make sure they have the correct credit union and your correct account/member number. If they still have issues they could be experiencing technical issues or the credit union may be experiencing technical issues. One good way to verify this is to login to your account online. If you can login online then there is something happening at that shared branch that is hopefully temporary. If you experience persistent issues attempting to access your account please notify us immediately.

    Hoosier United Credit Union strives to help our members. If you believe you are experiencing problems please notify us so we can work to get things corrected. Thank you for being our member!




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