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When is it a good time to refinance a loan?

  • When the rate is right: If rates drop, or if there is a special rate that you can grab, you can save in finance charges! (for example if you finance $10,000 for 3 years @ 5.0% APR you will pay $790.92 in Finance Charges, but if you can get the rate @ 3.0% APR you will only pay $470.06 - SAVING $320.86)
  • When the payment works: Consider your payment and term options. If you need a lower payment, see what we can do for you. Sometimes we have longer terms that can help lower that payment. Or if you have paid enough of the balance, we could look at doing that balance for a short term but still having a lower payment.
  • When service matters: A lot of people finance at the dealership. But then where does your loan end up? Do you know the bank? Are they even local? Do you have a hard time getting service on your loan? Refinance where you know exactly who can help and take care of you.

Let us help you with your financial and refinance needs! Click HERE to start the application process today!

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