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How do you know if a credit union is right for you? How do you know if you are eligible? How do you make the credit union choice?

Credit Unions are different from banks. We are non-profit. That means that our members are our owners (not someone you have never met on Wall Street), and we work to return your money back to you in the form of lower rates, lower fees, and better dividends. The commitment to member service is very real to ensure you are not just a number. We also feel like making sure you understand finances is incredibly important, so we do our best to educate our members and provide resources to make you a financial success story.

If this sounds good, then a credit union is for you. Now you just have to find which one works for you. Some credit unions require employement or a connection to certain businesses for eligiblity. Others require community attachments like where you live. Us, we have employer groups, but we also have options available for you to pay a $5 membership fee and we can get you qualified! 

Does this sound good? Do you have more questions? Give us a call 317.923.4747 or email us: !



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