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Join us for our 90th Annual Meeting: Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 11AM. We will meet in the IBEW Meeting Room (2nd floor) at 1828 N Meridian St, Indianapolis. Our main office will temporarily close for the meeting.

 👇Refer to this list of ways to help prevent fraud: 

  1. Use your chip as much as possible.
  2. Do not share your PIN.
  3. Use unique and strong passwords.
  4. Use multi-factor authentication.
  5. Remember HUCU has 24/7 Fraud Protection.
  6. Monitor your account history with HUCU online banking and Perfect Teller app.
  7. Only give your card number for purchases that you can verify and to a company you trust. Do your research.
  8. Carry your cards separately from your wallet. It can minimize your losses if someone steals your wallet or purse.
  9. During a transaction, keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.
  10. Never sign a blank receipt. Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.
  11. Save your receipts to compare with your statement.
  12. Open your bills promptly--or check them online often--and reconcile them with the purchases you've made.
  13. Report any questionable charges to the card issuer.
  14. Notify your card issuer if your address changes or if you will be traveling.
  15. Do Not write your account number on the outside of an envelope.

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