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Join us for our 90th Annual Meeting: Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 11AM. We will meet in the IBEW Meeting Room (2nd floor) at 1828 N Meridian St, Indianapolis. Our main office will temporarily close for the meeting.

Digital Wallet~

Are you trying to prevent fraud this holiday season, and hoping to stay healthier? Well, HUCU has a great suggestion!

Start using your Digital Wallet!!! Using the app can be more secure because only the last four digits of your card are visible to the vendor when purchases are made.

Using your digital wallet is more sanitary. Having your card in your digital wallet means less contact with germs on physical cards and keypads. 

Also, most of us take our mobile phones everywhere we go, so why not have one less item to worry about losing, and have access to funds right from your cell phone?!

The app is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  • First, upload the Digital Wallet app from your smart phone App Store, or locate the default app on your phone home screen.
  • Second, open the app and take a picture of your HUCU Visa Debit/Credit card, and add to your digital wallet. 
  • Third, make purchases online or in person using your card saved in your Digital Wallet.

Digital Wallet Links provided below:

ApplePay   GooglePay  fitbit Pay  Samsung Pay  Garmin Pay


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