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  • Perfect Teller – Online Banking 24/7 ,Electronic Statements,and Mobile ptApp for your phone

    Perfect Teller is the HUCU online banking access! Perfect Teller is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer!

    Benefits of Perfect Teller:

    • Balance Information
    • Transaction History
    • Transfer money between accounts and other member accounts
    • Download transaction history
    • Check Images
    • Access to HUCU Online Bill Pay
    • Enrollment for E-Sign, Electronic Statements


    To Apply for Perfect Teller access: ENROLL ONLINE HERE

    To Find the Mobile Perfect Teller app: CLICK HERE

    • CU ID for ptApp is: 6276762767


    Experience Login Problems? Contact Us for help!


  • HUCU Online Bill Pay

    HUCU Online Bill Pay is the quick, easy, and convenient way to pay bills from your HUCU account.

    Benefits of HUCU Online Bill Pay:

    • Save time: NO checks, NO stamps, NO envelopes
    • One time set up for payees
    • Pay all of your bills from our secure site
    • One time login
    • Payment History
    • Send gift checks
    • Send payments to other people
    • Schedule payments to reoccur automatically or set payments as needed
    • First Month is FREE, and it only costs $4.95 per month after that, one flat charge, so you can pay as many bills as you want!


    To Enroll in HUCU Online Bill Pay:

    • Have access to Perfect Teller online (Bill Pay not currently available for mobile version)
    • Click Bill Pay within Perfect Teller
    • Complete security confirmation
    • Receive email verification you are enrolled


  • FREE AD&D Insurance


    Click here for details.


  • Pre-paid Visa® Card

    Whether you are traveling and need a secure way to make purchases, or if you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone, the pre-paid Visa® card is perfect!


    • Use as a replacement for Traveler's Checks
    • Great gift
    • Purchase online or in our main office
    • Replacements if lost or stolen
    • Zero liability on Fraudulent Purchases
    • Online and phone access for balance and transactions
    • Cost is only $5.00 per card (minimum card purchase of $25.00 required)


    How to purchase



  • Service Center Access: Find location online or with the mobile FINDBRANCH app

    We realize not everyone can come downtown during our normal office hours, so we are a part of the service center network! You can access your account at closer, more convenient locations to you that likely have extended hours! This service is FREE and available to all members!

    Helpful Information about Service Centers:

    Find a Service Center location with the FINDBRANCH App!

  • Automatic IBEW Local 481 Dues Payments

    Forget to pay your quarterly dues? Wish there was an easier way? Well there is with automatic dues payments from your account!

    Enroll at anytime by filling out the form below! Once the form is received the next quarterly payment will automatically pull from the account type you request.

    IBEW Local 481 Automatic Dues Enrollment Form

    Have questions? Contact us today!


  • Visa® Debit Card

    Our Visa® Debit Card is great. You can easily access your money wherever Visa® is accepted!

    24/7 Account Access or to Report your Card Lost or Stolen: 1-855-448-8199

    ** Please be sure to notify HUCU when you travel and plan to use your HUCU Visa Debit Card so we can make sure you have smooth travels!**

    Benefits of the Visa® Debit Card:



    The Visa® Debit Card can be used with these types of accounts:

    • Regular Share Savings Account
    • Share Draft "Checking" Account


    To Apply for the Visa® Debit Card:

  • Sur-Charge free ATMs

    We realize that you may need quick access to cash using your HUCU Visa® Debit Card, so why pay an ATM sur-charge fee if you don't have to?

    What is a Sur-Charge Fee?

    • Is a fee charged by the financial institution or company that maintains the ATM, it is a not a fee that HUCU can control or charges.


    Where can I find a sur-charge free ATM?


  • Sybil – Automated Phone Teller 24/7

    Sybil is the HUCU Automated Phone Teller. She is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any phone line!

    Benefits of Sybil:

    • Balance information
    • Transaction History
    • Request Full month account history
    • Request Check withdrawals
    • Transfer money between your accounts

     Contact her today at (317) 692-7006

    To Apply or reset your Sybil access:

  • Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit is an service that most employers offer to their employees. If you are able to set this service up through your employer, follow the steps below and we can help you through the process.

    What to do:

    • Contact Us, we can then customize a letter to your employer!


    To split up your direct deposit among various accounts or account types:


    Indiana Farm Bureau Employees


    Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agents


    IBEW Members

  • Free Credit Report Analysis

    Click HERE to contact us for your free analysis today

  • Visa® Credit Card Account Access

    Not only is our Visa® Credit Card an great option for your borrowing needs, but the online access makes it convenient!


    • View your transaction and payment history online
    • View your available balance
    • View your payment due, and the due date
    • Make payments online
    • Access Visa® Discounts


    How to use:


  • Automatic Loan Payments

    Making loan payments can be a hassle, but you can make your payments in various ways:


    • By check, we order a payment book for you
    • Automatically when you receive your payroll deposit
    • Automatically from your account with us monthly (on the 1st)
    • Visa or MasterCard Advance in Person
    • Automatically from other financial institution (originated by them)


    Contact Us today for more information on how to make your monthly payments, or to set up a new option today! 


  • Money Orders

    You can purchase a Money Order at our offices and service center locations! The features on our office money orders are:


    • Cost $2.00 per money order
    • Can purchase up to $1,000
    • You fill in the payee
    • Contact Us for more information


  • Cashiers' Checks

    You can purchase a Cashiers' Check at our offices and service center locations! The features on our office cashier's checks are:


    • Cost $5.00 per cashier's check
    • Can purchase for any amount, as long as you have the funds available
    • We fill in the payee, so be sure to have it when you come in
    • Contact Us for more information


  • Transaction Registers and Covers

    Transaction registers are a valuable tool when it comes to balancing your accounts. They can be used for all types of accounts, including checking and savings! You write down your purchases, withdrawals, and deposits so you can track your available balance. To help you we have:


    • Transaction Registers
    • Transaction Register Covers – Available at our office locations!
    • Contact Us to get your register or cover today!


  • Order Checks

    If you have a Share Draft "Checking" account, HUCU allows you to purchase checks for your account. You can utilize our checks processor or you can purchase checks from a third party. Use the helpful links below for more information.

    Helpful Information about Checks:


  • Domestic Wire Transfers

    We can send funds from your HUCU account to another financial institution, usually arriving same or next day!

    How to Have a Wire Sent:

    • Complete the Outgoing Wire Form completely, including your signature
    • Send the original form to us by email, fax, or in person
    • The amount of the wire is withdrawn from your account
    • The $20.00 wire service charge is withdrawn from your account
    • The wire is processed, and credit is sent to the other financial institution
    • Credits are usually received same or next day depending upon cut-off times
    • Contact Us with any questions or concerns!


    How to Receive a Wire

    • Contact Us for specific wire instructions
    • There is NO incoming wire fee


  • Credit Union Information & Education for Adults & Children!

    The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has created two websites! One to help adults learn about credit unions, and provide financial tools and resources. The other website, Pocket-Cents, is geared toward financial literacy for young adults. Check out the websites below!



  • Notary

    On occasion some documents that you sign may required a notary verification. We offer this service for FREE to all our members. Just come to one our offices and we can notarize your documents, just be sure to bring proper identification with you! Also, we recommend to contact us ahead of time to ensure one of our notaries is available to help you!

  • Stop Payments or Item Disputes

    From time-to-time you may have the need to place a stop payment on a check you have written, an electronic debit, or a debit card transaction. You may also have the need to dispute an item that has cleared your account. Depending upon your situation follow the steps below so we can help you correct the situation.

    Dispute a Check or Electronic Item (ACH) that has cleared your account:


    Check or Electronic Payment (ACH) Stop Pay Requests:


    Debit Card Transaction Stop Payments or Disputes:

    • Contact Us
    • Be aware, their may be a charge for $10.00


  • NCUA Account Insurance

    Your savings is federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government by the NCUA, National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.



  • Member First Mortgage



  • FREE Carfax Report

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